Auto Modifications That Boost the Resale Value of Your Vehicle


Modifications to your home – an extra bedroom, hardwood flooring and so on – can add to its value. But what about your car? Are there any changes you can make that can boost its resale value and net you a nice profit? Yes, there are a few beneficial modifications. For those planning to put their car up for sale, here are a few modifications that can justify a higher price tag.

1. Alloy rims

Most new cars nowadays come with alloy rims, but most older brands have steel rims. Alloy rims have several advantages; they last longer, they are lighter and they look better than steel rims. Additionally, installing alloy rims on your car allows your brakes to function better and last longer.

The most important thing is not to be too radical in the design of the rims you choose. Go with a style that is likely to be loved by most potential buyers.

2. Satellite navigation

Again, plenty of new cars come fitted with GPS navigation units though you might have to pay extra at the dealer’s for this. But if you have an older model, it most likely lacks satellite navigation. This is a crucial feature that most drivers are finding out they cannot live without.

Adding a GPS navigation unit to your car could increase its value by several hundred dollars even if you sell it a year or two down the line.

3. Seat upholstery

One important thing potential car owners look for is comfort. They will willingly pay more money if comfort is guaranteed. Fancy and expensive comfort features such as a high-end climate control system or a super expensive stereo system may cost you more money than they bring.

But a simple modification like reupholstering your seats will give you bigger returns. When reupholstering, consider changing from fabric covers to leather. Not only is it more comfortable, it also gives the car a luxurious, more expensive look. Additionally, leather lasts longer than fabric.

4. Scratches and dents

A few scratches or a minor dent on your car can drastically reduce its value. Deal with these before you put the car up for sale. For a little money, you can get the scratches and dents repaired and your car body looking as good as new. You can also give the entire body a wax polishing while you are at it.

First impressions matter a lot and your aim should be letting the car sell itself before you even open your mouth.

5. Reverse camera

Another feature that is becoming increasingly common. A reverse camera comes in handy when the driver is parking, ensuring that he or she does it safely. It is also a major safety feature in any situation where you need to reverse.

Potential buyers will easily pay more for a car with a reverse camera.

Commercial vehicle fitouts and shelving

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Famous Trucks and Utes from the Movies


When I think about famous trucks and utes from the movies my thoughts immediately turn to Mater and Mack from the Disney Pixar movie Cars, also starring Lightning McQueen; but that could just be because I have young children and I may have seen that movie a hundred times or more!

Then I start reminiscing about my childhood and remember how much I enjoyed watching the adventures of KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) and Michael from the Knight Rider movies or the antics of Herbie the 1963 Volkswagen (VW) Beetle. Famous vans would have to include the Mystery Machine from the adventures of Scooby Doo and the gang, or the black van the A-team used to drive around in helping people in need! What about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Now that was an amazing vehicle!

My apologies, I need to mention some more famous utes and trucks!

Do you remember the movie Tremors? Val (Kevin Bacon) drove a Jeep Gladiator that had its tyres eaten by one of those giant worms. Maybe you are more familiar with the Chevy COE from the Jeepers Creepers movie or the Chevy C-Series in the speed chases of the Fast and Furious movie series? The GMC Topkick C4500 or Chevrolet Kodiak was made famous by the Transformers movies; now imagine if you had a transforming robot truck!

Here’s a list of movies that featured trucks in one way or another:

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

Black Dog (1998)

Trucks (1997)

Joy Ride (2001)

White Line Fever (1975)

Steel Cowboy (1978)

Snitch (2013)

Movin’ On (‘1974 TV series)

B. J. and the Bear (1978 TV series)

High-Ballin’ (1978)

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

Hijack (1973)

Convoy (1978)

Moonfire (1970)

18 Wheels of Justice (2000 TV series)

Time Bomb (1984)

Over the Top (1987)

Duel (1971)

Breakdown (1977)

Airwolf (1984)

The Great Smokey Roadblock (1977)

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Thunder Run (1986)

Breaker! Breaker! (1977)

Cars (2006)

Flatbed Annie and Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers (1979)

Note: Movies are not in alphabetical, top 20 or year released order – just random!

A lot of these movies and television shows are from the 70’s so isn’t about time we had some more movies with trucks and utes? Speed chases, long distance driving, smuggling, stunts, famous actors, great script, questionable plots plus trucks – what more could you ask for? Have fun watching those and checking to see which trucks they are because I’m not telling!

Five facts from these movies:

1. “White line fever” can mean being addicted to trucking!

2. High Ballin’ was actually released in New Zealand as Death Toll.

3. “Black dog” is a term truckers use for visions they get when they’re tired.

4. “Breaker! Breaker!”, truckers use this phrase when they interrupt a conversation over the CB radio.

5. “Convoy” was inspired by the country song with the same name.

For customised trucks and utes you can’t go past the Mad Max movies for some interesting and creative builds! Just so you know, Mater was modelled after a 1951 International Harvester L-170 with elements of a mid-1957 Chevrolet 3800 thrown in for good measure.

If you had to name your number one favourite truck movie, what would it be?

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How Vehicle Customisation Can Help Your Business


Are you considering buying a new vehicle for your business? Think again! With auto customisation becoming extremely popular in New Zealand, you can easily transform your existing van into a business-friendly vehicle with all the useful tools and a range of different utilities.

We understand that managing an on-the-go business could be quite challenging in the absence of an appropriate setup. But you don’t need to make a heavy investment in a new vehicle to increase business productivity. With a bit of customisation, your existing van will be ready to support all kinds of business operations and you will also be able to increase the scale of operations. This means more returns in the long run.

There are several online businesses selling van customisation products such as ute canopies, ute tool boxes, ladders etc. You can get help from professional vehicle customisation businesses to get these utilities installed in your van, which makes the process quick, easy and affordable.

Here is a list of some of the services offered by van customisation companies:

  • Customised New Zealand van shelving and storage
  • Installation of safety equipment
  • Customised graphics
  • Installation of racks, ladders and canopies

Typically, the following kinds of business vehicles require customisation services:

  • Service or delivery vans
  • Refrigeration vans
  • Mobile workshops
  • Ambulances
  • Mobile offices
  • Limousines
  • Shuttle buses
  • Food catering vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles

These vehicles require customisation of different aspects such as seats, bins, generators, racks etc.

Canopies, ladders and tool and storage boxes for vans

The installation of ute tool boxes is very useful for all kinds of business vans. Whether you are looking to store small or medium tools or any other supplies, ute tool boxes are a great way to customise your business van to increase productivity and make operations smoother. A ute tool box can be used for storing expensive equipment. It might also be possible to fix this box onto the vehicle floor.

Ute canopies are highly recommended for all business vans from the viewpoint of safety and security. Ute canopies can be made from different materials, including stainless steel, fibreglass and ABS polymer, depending on the specific needs of the business.

In addition to a canopy, business vans can also benefit from the installation of a van ladder. This ladder is typically attached to the back of a vehicle to allow easy access to the roof. Ladder racks for vans can be built from different kinds of materials such as PVC pipe. But it is a good idea to install ladders made of stronger materials to prevent breakage and injury to workers. It is also advisable to avoid tying the ladder to the rooftop with the help of a rope as it could easily break.

For your customised business van, you could also consider installing van racks made from stainless steel or aluminum. Both these materials are durable and corrosion resistant. If you need to carry lighter loads, aluminum is the ideal choice. But if the rack is going to be utilised for carrying heavy loads, such as metal pipes, cargo boxes and timber, opt for a stronger material like stainless steel.

It is recommended that you get the racks for your van installed by a professional company. This will ensure that the cargo stays fixed securely onto the roof. Businesses can save a lot of time and investment by customising their existing van for business purposes rather than purchasing an entirely new vehicle. Professional customisation companies can install all kinds of safety and utility equipment to transform your van and render it useful for business tasks and operations.

Camco Industries is a professional vehicle customisation business and they have helped thousands of New Zealand companies make the most out of their vehicles. They specialise in the customisation of utes, including additions of ute tool boxes, ute canopies and other ute and van fit outs. Just visit their website at for a free quote to customise your vehicle and they have branches throughout New Zealand.

The Top Five Tools Used in the Building Trade


There can be a wide variation in the types of construction tools used in the building industry, depending on the supplies and materials required for each particular job, but some of the standard tools used across the majority of New Zealand construction sites include:

1. Hammers

Claw hammers are used in the construction industry for digging in and pulling out nails. A good quality hammer is needed for smaller tasks such as framing and finishing as well as bigger ones like demolition. If you have to undertake heavy demolition work, it is advisable to opt for medium-weight sledgehammers that have a longer handle for leverage.

2. Measuring squares

The majority of construction activities are dependent on exact measurements. This is usually made possible with the help of a tool termed a square. Measuring squares allow construction workers and carpenters to get accurate measurements of angles and they can easily duplicate any type of angle on a board which needs cutting. Other measuring tools include laser meters and tape measures.

3. Screwdrivers

Construction workers get the necessary torque from screwdrivers while placing screws into a building material or when pulling them out. Screwdrivers offer a certain amount of control over screw-drilling processes, even though they don’t necessarily reduce the amount of time taken for completing a task. Building workers can purchase screwdriver sets which work with various screw sizes. There is also an option to purchase handles that come with interchangeable heads.

4. Drills

Drills are versatile tools and their primary job is to create different sized holes. With the help of an appropriate attachment, drills can also support the driving in and removal of screws. A drill essentially utilises an electrical motor and is therefore able to complete tasks in less time than a screwdriver.

At the same time, it could also strip a screw heads socket if the drill part is not secured properly into the socket. In such a scenario, the screw could become redundant and make it hard to remove from the wood piece.

5. Saws

These building tools are basically utilised for cutting timber which is required for framing. A crosscut saw is a handsaw used for cutting across wood grain. On the other hand, drywall saws are used for cutting plaster, wallboard or gypsum. Several kinds of blades can be fixed to a circular-shaped saw, rendering it a powerful tool for rough as well as fine carpentry. Saws are also often used for cutting through masonry and metal.

All of these tools are required for taking measurements, cutting, laying foundations, mixing and digging, which are essential jobs in the building trade. These tools can be easily stored in a builder’s truck or van but you may need to make modifications to it so it fits all of your essential tools.

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Want to Work in the Building Industry?

pexels-photo (12).jpg

The expansion of the building industry of New Zealand is primarily driven by two key factors:

Several thousand commercial buildings and homes in Canterbury were destroyed because of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. As a result, there has been a significant demand for construction and building work in the area. Around ten thousand homes are estimated to be constructed by 2016 and work in the commercial building sector could possibly go on for several more years.

Increasing demand for construction jobs in New Zealand

In New Zealand, about a quarter of the total increase in employment opportunities over the coming three years (till March 2018), is expected to be in the building industry. As such, construction activities will consistently increase all across New Zealand, but Auckland is likely to make the fastest progress. The growth will primarily be driven by residential real estate construction in the Auckland region and there will be demand for different kinds of related roles in the building industry, including foremen, designers, site managers and quantity surveyors.

The Government of New Zealand is a primary agency in the building industry. It is useful to know about the various functions undertaken by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment or MBIE:

  • Overlooks the employment relations and health and safety being followed at workplaces.
  • Regulates construction and building.
  • Helps in filling up skill shortages while supporting migrants who are looking to settle into work.

Many builders in New Zealand are self-employed. There are also specialist sub-contractors who typically work in small and medium sized businesses. The biggest chunk of building activity takes place in the highly populated regions of New Zealand including Auckland, Hamilton, Napier-Hastings, Bay of Plenty, Christchurch and Wellington. The total worth of all the building activity for the year ended 30 June 2015 amounted to NZ$9.7 billion.

New Zealand construction industry: Why it is different?

The building industry in New Zealand might have some similarities with the construction industries of other countries but it also has some unique characteristics.Here are some of the main differences observed in the New Zealand construction industry:

  • Different building methods, building standards and construction materials used.
  • The need to follow specific safety and health regulations at the construction site.
  • Constant change in the weather conditions in New Zealand and the impact on the building industry.
  • An increasing amount of women entering the construction workforce.
  • An ethnically diverse workforce.

Personal safety equipment

Employers in the New Zealand building industry are required by law to offer proper training to workers who operate equipment. It is mandatory for workers to make use of appropriate personal safety equipment provided by the employer. This generally includes the following:

  • Face shields, goggles/safety glasses
  • Ear muffs/ear plugs
  • Respirators, masks and cartridge filters
  • Overalls, hard hats, safety harness, gloves and high-visibility clothes
  • Steel capped shoes/boots

Such personal safety equipment, along with other building tools and accessories can be easily stored in the ute tool box of your vehicle. If you need more more space in your van, truck or ute, you can consider getting ute shelving, drawers, consoles and other kinds of ute storage installed to keep yourself organised. A ute tool box is a popular choice among trades people in New Zealand. You can also install under-seat storage in your ute and they are perfect for people who need to carry a lot of tools and supplies with them for their work.

Training in the New Zealand Building Industry

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) form a part of the formal procedure for increasing and developing skills in the workplace. These are associated with the national qualification scheme of New Zealand. These ITOs establish the standards, arrange for the training and work in close contact with the building industry to identify the need for skill development. ITOs also offer national certification programs, support health and safety programs, provide training in advanced building techniques and undertake vocational literacy.

If you need to modify your ute or van so it can handle all your building supplies and equipment just visit the Camco Industries website at where you can get a free quote on commercial van fit outs for your work ute or van.

How Can Practical Car Customisation Help Your Business?


Although the customisation of cars began as early as the 1940s, it has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Originally, the purpose of car customisation was to modify the vehicle in a luxurious and fashionable way in order to create a style statement. Custom cars were primarily owned by famous and wealthy people who wanted their cars to differentiate them from others.

In the 70s and 80s car modification was primarily done to upgrade its specifications, which led to the popularity of hot rods and street rods. The first ever hot rods (pre-World War II) were modified vehicles that incorporated a stronger engine as well as other engine alterations which led to improved performance.

Today car customisation is not just about styling your car’s outer or inner appearance to make it look trendy. Many working people own heavy duty trucks, vans and utes for business purposes and require practical customisation to make their business operations more efficient and profitable. People are often in a dilemma as to whether they should buy a new vehicle or add certain features to their current one to make it more useful for their specific purpose.

The customisation of vehicles for business reasons is gaining popularity in a big way. Here are some examples of how you can keep your existing vehicle but improve its functionality by adding accessories and other features to it.

Drawers and storage systems

It is common for vehicles to have very limited load-carrying or storage options. In fact, usually just limited to the boot and glove box. Even though modern cars come with a greater number of compartments and holders, space still may not be sufficient to carry around the equipment for your business.

If you require more space and better organisation in your van, truck or ute, you can consider getting drawers, shelves, consoles and other kinds of complete  storage systems installed. A ute tool box is a popular choice among trades people in New Zealand. You can also opt for under-seat storage cases.

These huge van and ute storage cases are ideal for contractors, sportsmen and other people who need to carry a lot of tools, supplies etc. Such storage boxes are customised for different work applications and are made with heavy-duty polyethylene. You can also get drawers and storage systems to match your car interior.

Other practical modifications

Another practical modification to your car could be the addition of a roller table that offers a roll-out bench to store heavy items as well as bulky equipment such as generators, toolboxes etc. You will be able to keep a load of nearly 200kg on the standard roll-out table. However, there are different models which are custom-made for specific purposes.

A ute canopy made of fibreglass is specially designed for commercial use and comes with the choice of lift-up side doors or a glass panel that rests on the frame, also made of fibreglass, for additional strength. Canopies made from ABS plastic offer toughness, rigidity and strength. They are also extremely heat resistant and fully recyclable.

In New Zealand you will find an unlimited number of car accessories available in the market as well as online. But very often, such accessories turn out to be more cosmetic than functional. With the above-mentioned examples of practical car installations, you will be able to improve your business operations and also save money that would otherwise be invested in a new vehicle bought specially for business purposes.

If you operate a van or ute or truck consider car modifications by Camco Industries. Their New Zealand ute accessories and custom van fit-outs not only look good but they will also make it easier for you to operate your business. Visit them online at for a free quote on your next vehicle fit-out.

Car Customisation from the Movies!

pexels-photo (11).jpg

Sometimes, a movie does not have to feature an award-winning actor/actress in order to be a blockbuster. Often a massive automobile such as a semi-trailer truck or ute is an excellent show stopper and makes the movie become memorable.

There are innumerable Hollywood flicks that might not be completely based on such trucks or utes but have these vehicles playing a significant role. This has resulted in these vehicles becoming extremely popular. Perhaps the most obvious and frequent use of these trucks and utes is in action sequences. The trucks are used in a way to create excitement among the audience with respect to the stunts and other innovative functions that they can perform.

There are hundreds of movies and TV shows that have a ‘customised car’ as a main feature. These iconic cars, trucks and utes have an impact on popular culture and mainstream tastes and can motivate anyone owning a vehicle to do something innovative with their own ride. One of the most famous modified cars of all time is the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 which appeared in James Bond movies like Thunderball, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Casino Royale and Tomorrow Never Dies. The special car modifications included oil slick, ejector seat, smoke screen, machine guns, radar tracking facility and license plates that could revolve!

Almost all of us are familiar with a few of the movies that have such vehicles as their focal point. These include movies such as Transformers, Fast & Furious, Tremors, Jeepers Creepers, Ace Ventura and many more. These movies inspire us to customise our own vehicles, making them as functional and exciting as the ones we see on screen!

Action movies often feature heavy duty trucks and utes because they help create a dramatic impression in the minds of the audience. Consequently they become extremely popular among the viewers of such movies. For instance, the Chevy C-Series trucks, which were featured in the movie series ‘Fast & Furious’, actually made ‘speed chases’ a possibility in the minds of the audience. These trucks looked dynamic and were shot in a highly impressive way which created an instant connection with the audience.

If you are feeling inspired from your latest trip to the movies why not look into commercial customisation of your work vehicle. If you drive a truck or ute in New Zealand and are looking for options to make your vehicle more functional and robust, try simple car modifications such as installing van shelving or a ute canopy.

You will find several options for a ute or van fit-out in New Zealand including the use of materials such as ABS polymer, fibreglass and steel. Ute canopies look trendy and are excellent for the security and protection of your vehicle. Some of them also come with the option of convenient central locking. You can also install other accessories such as van shelving to carry heavy loads in your work vehicle. Some of them have shelves and frames set in steel and are highly sturdy and practical for everyday use. These ute accessories not only add to the efficiency of operations but also lend a distinct character to your ute or van.

If you are looking for premium commercial fit-outs in New Zealand then visit Camco Industries online at They are experts in ute and truck shelving and canopies and have also manufactured a number of their own products, so contact them today to discuss your specific vehicle customisation requirements.